Seminar By Women Engineers Section, The Institution of Engineers Malaysia 

    Topic: Artificial Intelligent in Eco-Building 

Speaker: Ir. Assoc Professor LEONG Wai Yie

Date: 12 April 2017

Time: 04.20pm - 05.20pm

Venue: Room 1 


Speaker Profile:

Wai Yie received her  PhD in Electrical Engineering (Hons I) from The University of Queensland (UQ), Brisbane, Australia in 2005. She has authored 6 book series and more than 100 papers that highlight the innovation on Electronics and Biomedical Engineering. Wai Yie is currently the Chairman of Women Engineers Section, Malaysia and Chairman of Healthcare Research Group at Taylor’s University. She is specialized in medical signal processing and telecommunications, and has received the IEM Best Paper Award 2015, MRRI2013 Best Paper Award 2013, Richard Jago Research Prize in 2004 and Trailblazer Innovation Award in 2005, in Australia. Wai Yie has been actively involving in Women In Technology (Brisbane) and has received the Smart-State-Smart-Women Award presented by Queensland Government, Australia, in 2005. She has over 10 years research and industry experience in Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom and Malaysia, with special interest in biomedical signal & image processing, smart control, telecommunications and wireless sensor networks. . She also the 2013 Young Scientist (by Academy of Sciences Malaysia), and has been appointed as a member of Young Scientists Network-Academy of Sciences Malaysia (YSN-ASM). 


In this sharing,  the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) so as to achieve sustainable development of intelligent buildings will be discussed. Artificial intelligence (AI)  in  buildings  is  the  intelligence  exhibited  by  electronic  devices  and  software  driven systems  which  perceive  their  environment  in  buildings  and  take  actions  to  optimize performance within a given context or constraints. An intelligent building is a dynamic and responsive  Architecture  that  provides  every  occupant  with  productive,  cost-effective  and  environmentally approved conditions through a continuous interaction among its four basic  elements: places (fabric, structure, facilities); processes (automation, control, systems); people  (services, users); and management (maintenance, performance) and the interrelation between them. The concepts in this talk proposed for supporting Artificial Intelligence in buildings are Nanotechnology, Building Information Modeling and Lean  Construction. This work is important in that it examines support systems for Artificial intelligence in buildings as part of smart cities. Our recommendations could help to minimize negative impacts such as built environmental degradation and global warming due to pressure from rapidly growing global populations.  

    Topic: loT In Construction

Speaker: Ir. Mah Siew Kien

Date: 13 April 2017

Time: 04.20pm - 05.20pm

Venue: Room 3 
Speaker profile:

Ir. Mah Siew Kien is a qualified Professional Engineer with Practicing Certificate registered with Board of Engineers (BEM), Malaysia. She has experience working in several sectors such as academia, manufacturing, consulting and oil and gas, including offshore/site experience. During her career in product engineering, she has successfully led several technology transfers from R&D to mass production. She has been a project manager and subject matter expert with eCEOS, a project management and business consulting company.

She holds a Master in Electrical, Electronic & Systems Engineering from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. She is currently working as a Principal Lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Nilai University. She is also the current Honorary Secretary of Women Engineers Section, The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM).


Digital revolution is transforming every aspect of life, society and economy. It is moving fast and disrupts the process of innovation itself. Relative to other industries, the construction industry has long been perceived reluctant and slow to adapt new technology. However, IoT, or the Internet of Things is slowly shifting the construction landscape in every possible way from the design to the building process to the end result. Using IoT, data from various sources can be collected and analyzed to reveal new insights to avoid downtime, expensive equipment replacement, schedule preventive maintenance, determine optimal operating procedures, and many more. In the world of construction and field service, the biggest impact of IoT is having that instant access to data, a new era of connected equipment and mobile technology. IoT will be everywhere and provides disruptive innovative opportunities for a very different world and a very exciting future. 

    Topic: Arc Flash Containment in Switchgear

Speaker: Ir. Tan Loo Yen

Date: 13 April 2017

Time: 04.20pm - 05.20pm

Venue: Room 3 

Speaker Profile:

Ir. Tan received her Bsc (Honours) Electrical Power Engineering from Universiti Tenaga Nasional in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2006. She obtained her Master of Science in Power Engineering in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Ir. Tan Loo Yen is a Professional Engineer Registered with Board of Engineer Malaysia. She also has been actively participating as a Committee Member of Institute Engineering Malaysia (IEM) - Women Engineers, Committee Member of IEM in Talk, Seminar, and Welfare.
She is also a certified Associate Project Manager in ABB after successful demonstration of Project Management performance and participation in the ABB Project Management training and certification Program. She has about 10 years of working experience in Project Management, building services and construction. 

Ir. Tan is passionate about Welfare and social activities and advocates for Women Engineer ASEAN Federation of Organization (WE- AFEO) strong networking within ASEAN, encouraging more women engineers to promote interesting dialogue and celebrate the success of the profession in AFEO.

Currently, Ir. Tan Loo Yen is working in ABB Malaysia Sdn Bhd as Project Manager in Electrification Solution, Electrification Production Division.


Arc Flash is a dangerous radiant electrical explosion. 

When the insulation or isolation between live conductors fails or can’t withstand the applied voltage an arc flash will occur.

An arcing fault is essentially an explosion, which passes through four phases during its life-cycle. All phases in the life cycle, have to be managed in a safe manner, by means of key design factors, when applied to LV switchgears.

This presentation is to create the awareness and understanding the importance of arc fault containment in accordance to IEC 61641, understand what an internal arc fault is, what could happen and safety protection.

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